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Let Us Live For One Another

I first learned this song at the 75th anniversary of the town of Rosholt, South Dakota where a large part of my family settled after coming from Sweden in the late 1800s.  An older man played this song in Norwegian … Continue reading

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Ira Shor on Interactive Learning and Communication

I wrote this article in April, 1993 about liberatory education after going to a talk at La Pena in Berkeley, California, by Ira Shor. When I first went to hear Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator and author of Pedagogy of … Continue reading

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Beginning Guidelines for Research at WISR with Picture Guide

Including Core Areas of Study and Skills I developed this guide with pictures from a document by John Bilorusky and he made some edits this document as well.  I developed it as a pdf file with pictures linked to here. … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block: Scraping the Pumpkin

Since the requirements can seem very flexible and open at WISR, a new student can become lost and want some structure.  Since writing is essential for completing a degree, writer’s block can be frustrating.  One way to get through it … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry….

This is a silly essay I wrote and presented to a group in Albany, California in 1993.  It’s rather tongue in cheek but represents how there are skills for getting along with people that work in most situations.  In this … Continue reading

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