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Black? Friday

I joined up on Facebook a few years ago to see pictures of a close relative.  Now I’m hooked and check it every day!  I’ve found it to be a slippery slope in terms of privacy issues and more.  There … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Woody Guthrie

Labor Day in the USA does not have the punch that May Day has in other countries, to hold up the rights of working people.  Giving a thought to it as more than a before school, last day of summer, … Continue reading

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Films for Girls

As an adult I’ve been able to watch films I didn’t get around to watching as a child.  I remember my father was nervous about me going to see Dr. Zhivago as an early teen. There are films I’ve watched since … Continue reading

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Educational Pedagogy for Sharing of Work and Learning Process in Brazil

This podcast from Against the Grain, a KPFA radio program, an interview of a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, tells the story of a workers’ movement in Brazil that is also an educational movement using the ideas of Paulo Freire … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Seminar

I spent a weekend on the premises of Scandinavian Seminar in Amherst, MA a few decades ago for a gathering of the Folk Education Association of America.  Scandinavian Seminar sent students from the US to folk schools in Denmark.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Social Democratic Safety Net And Crime Rates, Is There A Correlation?

When the 99% movement began, talk radio host Ron Owens was puzzled as to what they were all about and this supplied a topic to discuss for hours of radio programming.  Recently I heard Ron Owens tell a story about … Continue reading

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In One Hundred Years

Here’s a poem I translated in 1993 that was written by my great great uncle who lived in Sweden, 1846-1931.  I have mostly translated Swedish songs and a few poems to be singable and as true to their meaning as I can. … Continue reading

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Senior Care

Here’s a video of a senior who feels seniors have been put at the bottom of the list. I’m glad this man expresses himself so well. Depending on health issues and the older people are, the less well they can … Continue reading

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Please join this Social Democracy Think Tank!

I’m looking for others to join this think tank.  If you want to form a pod of 2 or 3 people, I encourage that as well.  The goal would be to discuss social democracy in the U.S., it’s history, why … Continue reading

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Social Services to Avoid if you Don’t Want to Pay Taxes

This website has a long list of service US Americans shouldn’t use if they don’t want to pay taxes: 1. Do not use Medicare. 2. Do not use Social Security 3. Do not become a member of the US military, … Continue reading

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