Iphone Need vs Home Made Flip Flops

Another Facebook post this week is from a Hunger Awareness Organization, Save 1 Today, of a crying girl with a handheld device on one side and the feet of a native African or perhaps Australian wearing home made flip flops, probably partly out of plastic bottles on the right.


The story line is that the girl didn’t get as good a hand held device as she wanted and the contrast with someone with home made flip flops.  I visited East Africa in 1976 and many native people didn’t wear shoes at all.  Their callouses were so thick they didn’t seem to need them.  Such a contrast of lifestyles.  The Africans I met seemed content overall and needing only a few things for their lives.  Of course they got to be outdoors quite a bit in the sunshine and to eat fresh fruit.  Not having lived there I can’t give a much more complex analysis but I was in high school at the time and when I came back to school in theU.S.I was less concerned with the conformity standards at school, knowing that the Africans could find happiness while having less.  It is a good reminder that cuts across cultures and countries.

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