Black? Friday

I joined up on Facebook a few years ago to see pictures of a close relative.  Now I’m hooked and check it every day!  I’ve found it to be a slippery slope in terms of privacy issues and more.  There is some community building that goes on as long as the conflicts don’t get out of hand which can and does happen.  There is a learning curve for how to relate to it.  Overall it is fun and educational to connect with people over websites, silly and serious.  The blogs that develop sometimes are interesting.  I saw one that I no longer can find about Black Friday written by, I think Native and/or African Americans.  They commented on the use of the word “black” and took umbrage at it being used for a day of unleashed spending.  I thought it was a worthwhile conversation to be having.  One of WISR’s students, Lisa Carey, wrote a paper that was published in WISR’s Occasional Papers about the negative connotations for the word black which she felt as she who was of European descent, had married a man of African descent and her children are labeled Black.  The label has been embraced by African Americans so no wonder people would be uncomfortable with it being used for negative purposes.  I don’t think Lisa liked the use of dark either and suggested negative words like ominous or bad or in this case might suggest something more specifically descriptive like Shopping Friday???

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