Social Democratic Safety Net And Crime Rates, Is There A Correlation?

When the 99% movement began, talk radio host Ron Owens was puzzled as to what they were all about and this supplied a topic to discuss for hours of radio programming.  Recently I heard Ron Owens tell a story about a man in Berkeleywho called the police for help because he was nervous about a young man he didn’t know was wandering around his yard.  He called the police but they didn’t send anyone out because there was going to be an Occupy protest and they needed all their officers for that.  The homeowner ended up being killed by the young man who was depicted as being mentally ill.  Ron’s answer to the story is that some people need to pay more taxes; that simple.  He finally got what the 99% movement is about, in my opinion.  I strongly suspect there is be a correlation between a social democratic safety net and the rate of crime but I will followup in future articles as I research this subject.

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