The Danish Solution

I just watched The Danish Solution, about how the Danes saved 95% of Jews in their country, and escorted the majority to Sweden.  You can watch it at for free with a few commercials.  The narrator, Garrison Keillor, says that while anti-semitism becomes vicious in Germany, it never assumes life threatening proportions inside Denmark.  Historian Therkel Straede says that one important difference is… to Germans, living with a lot of different neighbors and unifying their nation at a very late stage in European history, Jews were suitable as an enemy picture but for Danes, Germany was the enemy picture.  From having studied Grundtvig, who started the folk school movement in Denmark, I remember that he admired Jewish people, that they had harmony in their culture between knowing the history of the land they came from and integrating this with their culture and religion.  I think that this in addition to the free popular education of folk schools, must have fostered an enlighted Denmark.

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